Recommended for warm climate.  Freeze damage to pump can occur below 11°F.
EasyDEFpump LLC

Picture above shows the suction hose attached to the back of the tank filling from a tote.
Use your portable tank as a tote dispenser when not in the field!

Revolutionary "Self Loading" DEF tank

Comes with a quick attach suction hose to fill itself from any barrel or tote.  
Now you can stop by the tote or barrel.  Attach the suction hose. Flip a steering valves and it fills itself.  When not in the field you can set it on a tote and use it as a dispenser for all your equipment.

Save thousands on the tote and barrel pumps you don't need anymore.  
Features Include an Auto Shutoff Metered DEF Nozzle!
20' discharge and 20' detachable suction hose. 10' battery cables with switch.  Powerful "D" series 5.5gpm
pump with high lift capability. 14' head will reach combines and high wheel sprayers.   

50 Gallon 12 volt Self Loading DEF Tank