Recommended for warm climate. Freeze damage to nozzle can occur below 11°F
EasyDEFpump LLC

DEF Metered Nozzle with Auto Shutoff   
Finally!  An affordable DEF nozzle with Meter and Auto Shutoff.   Stainless steel spout and 3/4" hose barb adapter.  Meter features batch and running totals and operates on 2 normal "AAA" batteries included.

On some equipment the operator can not see the tank level and gauge when filling and an auto shutoff feature prevents messy spills.  Meter helps track expenses to the gallon and monitor consumption accurately.
Note: this nozzle requires significant back pressure to operate the auto shutoff and only works with external suction or diaphragm pumps.  

See  EasyDEFpump's competitively priced line of tank packages below under the suction pump systems heading. All our external pumps come with this nozzle.   Compatible with all suction and diaphragm pumps on the market at less than 1/2 the price.   Don't get ripped off!

only $224.00   

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Metered DEF Nozzle with Auto Shut-off Stainless Steel Spout and 3/4


Suction Pump Systems - 26 Gallon Tank, Pump, Metered Auto Nozzle Pkg.
Our best selling tank size coupled with a powerful 12 volt suction pump.
20 ft 3/4" hose, 10 ft battery leads and our new Metered Auto Shutoff Nozzle (detailed above) make this the best featured package on the market at an unbeatable price.   Only $589.00 for the whole package.  

Completely assembled ready to fill and use.  Ships UPS anywhere in the USA.
dimensions 24"w x 20"d x 24"h  

26 gallon 12volt tank package with metered auto nozzle.
 Just say "no" to jugs!