Freeze Tolerant internal submersible pump.
EasyDEFpump LLC

Affordable 12 volt DEF Field Transfer Systems.  
Great for Agriculture, Forestry, Construction and Transportaion.
Our Best Seller for the past 8 Years!

Now comes standard with 
High Lift Internal Pump and 20' hose.
on/off switch, 8' battery leads, filter, manual nozzle and keep clean nozzle bag.
24"l x 23"h x 18"d, 
31lbs empty weight. 
ships UPS 

Harvest Special  - $429 for a limited time
while supplies last!

26 Gallon 12 Volt High Lift Tank - Harvest Special


The "High lift Pumps" will easily service tall combines and high wheel sprayers.  Tanks mount easily on service trucks, fuel trailers or just strap it to a pallet to move it around.   Plan ahead because it weighs 250 lbs full!

TIP- Most people use battery jump packs instead of the vehicle battery.
Easier and Faster.